My Roots in Real Estate


   I am so grateful to be in a business I am passionate about! Though it can be a demanding business there is no better feeling than having people whole heartedly trust and believe in your abilities, no better feeling than helping facilitate their dreams coming true. Whether it be a first home, upsizing, downsizing or perhaps an investment property these milestones are some of the biggest in our lives full of emotion and excitement.

I lived out west until I was about 14 but would come to Ontario for the summer to visit my dad, Some of my fondest memories are from when my grandmother  *Thelma George* would pick me up for the week and we would hang out she would take me to the mall, wonderland but one of my favorite places was the real estate office she worked at, it was called Family Trust in Aurora.  I can remember her taking me everywhere with her, she would let me help with paperwork , take me on showings. The feelings I have when I think of her still resonate so deeply, she was an independent, hardworking woman that had so much respect from her peers and co workers. I think of her and I smile , she has always been someone that I looked up to.

Its unbelievable the change that has taken place in the business, with technology, connection (and not the internet connection) the human connection.  When I think back ohhhh about 25-30 years ago to the times spent with her it is radically different, there was really no MLS system until closer to the end of her career, her listing book was more of a scrap book meticulously updated with newspaper cutouts, open house notes , lead information. It was a business based on word of mouth, people coming together and communicating.  It was so vastly different then now, I still enjoy looking through the one book of hers I kept  I love going back to how things were done , the old ways. I am indeed grateful for technology and the evolution of the Real Estate business and I feel now more than ever it's important to have something that makes you stand out from the rest , your own niche and brand but there is something to be said about the simplicity of how things used to get done and as much as there may have been more leg work I feel the rewards from that fruit are so sweet.

I feel so blessed to have had a role model like my grandmother, it's so powerful how she lead by example probably never realizing the impact she was having and has had on my life. I love that I have carried some of her ways, the old ways into my business and mixed it in with the luxuries of technology and connection at our fingertips.  I have been in the biz almost 10 years and every person and family I meet is as exciting to me as the first. I pride myself on knowledge of the market, dedication to my clients, patience & understanding when it comes to all of the obstacles , hesitations & fears that may arise. I am fully devoted to a smooth, educated and soulful transaction that doesn't just end when the deal closes.

Its  funny how that 1 week a year hangin with Granmda has impacted my life, it seems the older I get the more I  reminisce,  reflect  and feel so connected to her and those times we spent. The one sure thing in this life is change and thats a beautiful thing but always keeping pieces and ways of the old are priceless ....but  seriously can you imagine no internet in the market we are in now.. sheeesh that would be intense! So here is to always mixing a bit of the old with the new. All the best to you and your family.




Spring emergence and the seeds we sow.

   There is something so magnificent and profound about the changing of the seasons. The shifts that happen in us,  in our cells moving into our homes and our outdoor spaces. There is no denying the clear and definitive shifts that happen in all things through the seasons, nature leads the way for how our bodies need to synchronize with her vibration.. For me spring is a time of emergence, a beautiful mix of the reminisce of old but infused with intentions and seeds that we have been planting as we turned inward and into reflection through the winter months. It's this exciting time right before things start to blossom, bloom, come into the light and show their beautiful colors, it's a breath of fresh air, a sigh of relief that we have weathered the storm and made it through the darkness.

    I can't wait to get back into my gardens create a more peaceful, serene outdoor space for my family  and I. To be able to pass down and reiterate to my children the beauty in creating and working with mother nature, opening up to the gifts she has to bestow upon them, to me this is one of the most healing and grandest gifts of all.  The importance of nurturing and truly loving the spaces we live in both inside and out, whether it be our homes or ourselves. Creating and planting seeds in a literal as much as a metaphorical sense, opening up to new possibilities and ways of being and receiving. The power of our thoughts are so far reaching and full of magic.

This time of year the feeling of needing to let go and shed what no longer serves you grows ever stronger. Clearing our homes of what is no longer needed is a great way to make room for new ideas and just feeling lighter overall. It's quite profound the emotional, mental and sometimes even physical  release that letting go of the things that weigh us down both in our internal and external landscapes can welcome into our lives. There is a pre conceived notion that letting go  of psychical objects, old ways of thinking , beliefs especially if passed down from a loved one is automatically lined with a sense forgetting , not honoring or loving them less...leaving us with a sense of guilt when in fact it should be the opposite. to fully let go is to trust in yourself , it's the  simple knowing that the objects we cling to actually control us, creating a false sense of what actually is. When we start to step away, being vigilant of what lights us up VS what weighs us down it becomes very apparent that freeing up space and letting go is the only sure way of stepping forward being more expansive and getting closer to what and who you actually love, most importantly, yourself. Its then and only then the true emergence of the seeds we have planted can come to fruition, no longer shadowed by the unnecessary clinging & holding on to what is to be no more.

What beautiful seeds have you been planting through the winter months ? are you ready for them to radiate into the world?

What can you clear out so that your home, heart & spirit can expand fully and creatively?



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Giving Our Homes & Hearts A Soulful Boost

‚ÄčI often ponder through my days, how can I make my family and I’s days brighter, more fulfilling? How can I bring as much abundance, joy and presence with minimal resistance and stress? After all we all want a bit more ease and relaxation in our lives..right?

What I have found is it really comes down to the smallest shifts in what we focus on, how we choose to look at each and every situation, every reaction. It’s funny because as much as nothing is under control at least when it comes to outside forces there is so much we can do to make our whole life and way of being more positive and enjoyable. In fact one of the only things we have control over is our selves …how are you managing your emotions, your reactions, your health and happiness? Is it from the same old template that get you the same results? What I know for a fact is that if you let life beat you down and get the better of you…it will continually do’s actually quite merciless in that way! I’m not saying that a new way of doing things is going make your life free from the craziness, you will still have the days when it all may seem like to much BUT it may make the moments and days brighter for the most part, for you and everyone involved.

I have found one thing that has helped with less stress more joy is not focusing on the house having to look perfect and clean all the time, holding on to this sort of control is a sure way to drive yourself and your whole family insane! Let’s face it if you have children or a husband lol your hours of scrubbing and hard work probably won’t even get a 5 min celebration party by you before its falling apart again.. toy by toy, dish by dish, spill by spill. Now don’t get me wrong a love a clean house as much as the next person but let me tell you that is no longer on the top of my list … the things I have replaced with my obsessive cleaning is laughing and playing with the kiddos, just getting up and going out , life is too short to spend a whole Saturday dedicated to cleaning just get out the door believe me the mess will still be there when you get home and even if you did clean before it will get wrecked within 5 minutes of being in the door. This is the thing cleaning, dishes, laundry it never stops if we focus on trying to always control it, it will in fact control us and take away from the precious moments that aren’t always going to be the ones where we can be completely present with our kids, they are only little once, they won’t remember how clean the house was or how perfect the laundry was folded…they are going to remember the laughter, the moments exploring , the moments of love.

This next one has been life changing for me! A gratitude journal! It’s so easy for us to get caught up in all the negative stuff that happens through our days, our lives it can really mold us into an unhappy human with a grim outlook on just about everything, it doesn’t have to be this way…life truly is such a beautiful thing and it’s about finding the beauty in all of the little things and believe me there are so many things!! I start my day with my 5 minute journal it’s the first thing I do before I get out of bed, no phone, facebook or email. It’s about tuning into that inner voice and listening to what it has to say…trust me some mornings it’s saying *piss off *what is great about this morning, I’m tired, the thought of my day ahead has already has me stressed and it’s a blizzard outside! But what if we took those things, the negative things and turned it into a positive like I’m so grateful to have this cozy warm bed to sleep in, I have so much on the go today it’s a new day filled with amazing possibilities and opportunity, how about looking out the window and seeing a blizzard you see the beauty of the snow as it dances and twirls, covering the earth and the trees with shimmering beauty. You see it’s all about perspective and it’s so easy to get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of live, the chaos, the outside noise that we forget to tune into our internal dialogue, fine tuning and transmuting our negative self-talk into positive…  I challenge you even to try for 2 weeks even 1 week, stand still with the beauty of the sun, the moon, the smell of a spring day, the magic of your child’s little hand in yours, the roof over your head, family & friends, your breath, your body, the power to choose how you view and react to every moment in your life. No one can take that from you, that’s your power and believe me its powerful and life changing. I have a second journal which is a sort of art journal that I write a weekly overview of things I would like to work on, I will write poetry, sayings, if there is an inspiring picture or quote I will print it and paste it in there, make it fun!   Even if you don’t have a journal write it on a piece of paper, writing things down actually changes the minds chemistry and creates a bigger impact but if that’s not your thing just say it out loud, sit with it and truly feel that moment, the emotion, the smell, the sensations…the more you do it your outlook will shift into a more joyful positive one.

Don’t forget to take a peek back and see how far you have come. We often can get overwhelmed trying to reach new goals or just get overwhelmed with life in general that we forget to briefly peek back to where we were a year ago, 2 years ago maybe 10 or 20. When you take a trip back sometimes it can make all the difference in the world. It’s easy to get caught up in our day to day routines and it can sometimes feel like we aren’t progressing when really we have made leaps and bounds towards a better life. We are always so caught up in the next moment or the past that we forget to revel in the magnificence of the here and now and just bask in all that is. It’s like this great quote that I love so much, it goes “sometimes it okay if the only thing you did today was breathe”! How perfect is that!? So simple, so true.

Self-care has become of the upmost importance in my daily routine and I guess really it encompasses all of the above and then some. From starting my morning with a warm lemon and honey water with some cinnamon or cayenne, to my daily yoga practice, taking a minute in moments of frustration to just breathe and gain perspective. It can be as big as a weekend away pampering yourself, nourishing your body and soul to having a candlelit Epsom salt bath with your favorite essential oils in the diffuser, maybe its reading a book whatever it is know that to have good relationships and connections with others the relationship with yourself comes first, enjoying the company of you embody whether it be in stillness or contemplation.

Adding the little changes are what lead to the big life altering changes, it’s the mindful awareness of sitting with things as they are, letting go of the idea of the way things should look or go and just being in the moment. Try it tonight, try to just be still, put down your phone and have that conversation you’ve been wanting to have, play that board game with your kids that’s been sitting on the shelf, go take that course you have been dying to do…whatever you do know that it all starts with you!


May your home be filled with light, love and happiness.



Holidays, Home and the heart!

  Home, Holidays and the emotions that embody all of the in- between. I know for myself when Christmas is approaching I take comfort in decorating my home, creating a sense of comfort and warmth with lights and garland on the bannister, putting up decorations and mementos that have travelled with our family through the years. This yearly ritual to me is very fulfilling but I must admit that under those emotions there are many other layers of emotions, thoughts and memories, many of which do not bring a sense of that warm comfort, these are the feelings of anxiety, being enough, doing enough, dealing with the loss of loved ones just an overall feeling of being overwhelmed. These are the emotions that often just get misplaced through all of the hustle and bustle but in reality these emotions and feelings are very real, what if we started acknowledging them, finding ways to work through them for us and for the people around us, our loved ones, our acquaintances and yes even perfect strangers. How about we find ways to embrace these not so great emotions and infuse them with new traditions, new ways of loving and just being more open and compassionate because there is one thing I can say for certain the more open and truthful I am with people about my struggles and story, the more healing has taken place for me, the more compassionate and aware I have grown. There is something so profound about being the relationship’s and unions made   through vulnerability and truth because let’s face it we all have our “shit” we all have our “baggage” our “stories” and every single person that crosses our paths have a lesson to offer us as we do them. So how can we shift our perceptions, our emotions our traditions and expectations of ourselves and others?

 I know for myself as well as many others who may have grown up in families that struggled financially we can tend to over compensate with our own children and want to give them everything we never had, this is a very real issue and one I feel needs to be explored a bit further. While I feel it is important to give our children opportunities to fully enjoy and experience the joys of receiving, having things that we may have never had and being able to fully enjoy the things life has to offer from a monetary realm ie…being in sports, clubs, trips etc, I also feel it of the upmost importance that we don’t blindly overcompensate because of our lack of going without.  I love the feeling of seeing my kiddos eyes light up when they open up their gifts, what parent doesn’t!! At the same time I know that they don’t go without all through the year, they have pretty much everything they want and need. So I’ve started over the last few years to try and migrate to a more minimalistic Christmas, this hasn’t been easy as it really almost has to be across the board with family and friends, there is just so much overcompensation and not enough thought being put into what the Christmas spirit is all about. Myself I love the being with family & friends, the food, the Christmas carols, decorating and I love giving and making or finding the perfect gift but let’s be honest   how many of us just buy for the sake of having something to give, how many of us receive and never use or re-gift? How many of you are stressed the hell out with all of the pressure of feeling like you have to give and receive gifts in the socialized, commercialized “spirit of Christmas?” I know one tradition that has been going on in our family when we have the big get togethers is secret Santa, this is a perfect idea instead of being overwhelmed with the thought of spending on potentially 20 or more people in the room and probably getting them stuff they have 10 of or no use for everybody agrees on an amount to spend you buy a gift and make a game out of it for your gathering, this way you can put the option in there for “stealing” a gift that you may have your eyes on that someone else has opened, from what I have seen for the most part (besides the few instances of peeps getting mad at you stealing their treasured surprise lol) everyone really gets a kick out of this game, it gets everyone interacting and it doesn’t break the bank, it takes a ton of pressure off. I have also really loved gathering memories for loved one through pictures etc and making them a book, you can do this with Picaboo and many other companies even Walmart does this sort of thing, but to me taking that time and energy is worth its weight in gold when you see them open something that they will always hold near and dear to their heart, a gift that ignites and inspires emotion and love. Another nice idea especially among friends is planning a pot luck gathering just getting back to basics everyone making their favorite dish gathering over a drink and being together, if there are a lot of kiddies in your circle teach them young, get them doing a little secret Santa or crafts they can do together and exchange. It’s not about completely getting rid of the way we do Christmas but it’s about being honest with ourselves about what truly brings joy and what brings anxiety around this season and working around that, making it a more enjoyable connected experience. Try to keep this idea for gifts in mind to keep things a bit simpler:


Leading right into my next topic, the darkness that surrounds people around this time of year! As much as we see on TV, in the media just being out and about this time of year we are bombarded with happy images of family, togetherness, the seeming mirage of endless money for elaborate amazing gifts, for many people this just adds sadness and hopelessness to an existing situation, it is very important to be mindful of this…. Many people have NO family or friends, many people are struggling with the grief of not having their loved ones who have departed with them, so many people trying to keep up to “societies” standards of what Christmas looks like, keeping their children and loved ones happy that they end up buried in a sea of debt come the new year. EVERY SINGLE PERSON IS DEALING WITH A STRUGGLE WE KNOW NOTHING ABOUT!! Let’s be mindful of this, let’s be extra compassionate and patient, around this time of year we have the highest suicide rates, there is a ton of pain that is going on beneath the surface a smile, a kind word or gesture can be more far reaching and healing than we are aware of, it can indeed be life changing. It’s important to teach our children the ways of compassion and concern to donate food and clothing around this time (all the time), its important that we help them find that light that gets ignited when we act with compassion and love, with our hearts and minds open, we can all learn a little something from everyone and every situation that comes into our lives if we are open to it. Sometimes during the Holidays the traditions that we carried out before a loved one has passed may be too painful, it’s a whole new way of living when we lose someone dear to us. Its ok to adopt new traditions and ways of doing things, the greatest healing can come from letting go it makes room for new ways lighting a candle for our loved ones, celebrating the season as if they are still here because at the end of the day they are but just in a different form, toast to them with happiness and the fond memories that will forever be carried in our hearts. Self-care is so critical, listening to your inner dialogue, taking time for you, tweaking and adjusting what no longer serves you and adopting new traditions and ways of being and remember sometimes its ok to not be ok, with this being said it’s important to be open to discussing and working through the stresses that arise around this time of year. It’s not all rainbows and butterflies and sometimes your vulnerability/ openness can inspire others to have an open discussion and release some of the pain and heaviness they have been holding onto as well. So I guess what I am trying to say is instead of getting stressed, closing off not being genuine with what we are truly feeling, why don’t we try and do the opposite, instead of getting frustrated cause the parking spot we wanted got taken and we unleash a verbal tirade or we are just in a really  shitty place and feel the need to take it out on the ones we love or perfect strangers, how about this……we step out of our hurts, our pain, our out dated ways of thinking and bring some light into the lives of those around us and realize that we are all collectively going through this crazy thing called life and the greatest gift is truly to be open to giving and receiving love and compassion, this can be the smallest exchange, just a smile,  taking those extra couple breaths before saying something you will regret, being less judgemental and more understanding, presence with an open heart & open mind to me that may be one of the greatest presents of all.

To all my family, friends, and clients….I wish you all lots of light, love and abundance in all that you do.xo




Owning your own home, it is a dream you can catch!!

 Home ownership has for me been one of the most rewarding feelings, the knowing that time and money spent on my home will not only let me enjoy it more but in most cases will yield me a profit upon selling. This is usually not the case when you rent, any painting, updates or extra's are precisely that, extra's that come out of your pocket with no return except for the time you enjoy them, outside of that it's the landlord that will probably benefit. Buying your first home or possibly  even the thought of doing so can be overwhelming but with a little more education and guidance you may find its not an unattainable dream and buying  your first home is the next step in building your future!!

The truth of the matter is a lot of people enjoy the imppernance of renting, it's that whole fear of commitment thing us humans have!! It may change though when you realize that the monthly price you pay for renting is usually about the same if not sometimes more than if you owned your own home, that's right property tax and all. I have been a landlady for a few years now and my property tax is rolled into the rent payment plus they pay their own utilities, this is pretty mainstream. So really what is the missing equation? a down payment? especially for those that have the luxury of still living at home and working...SAVE..SAVE...SAVE!!! this dream is so much easier to attain without already having big monthly payouts happening, already renting? I know it may seem impossible to muster up any savings but it is possible, very possible!!! I was a single mother and that was my #1 goal , for my daughter and I to have our own little home, I worked my butt off, I saved and sacrificed, after 6 months of renting I bought my home...let me tell you no better feeling than that it has only been onward and upward from there!! This is a very attainable goal, believe me!!

A big part of bringing this to fruition of course is the vision and the desire BUT you need a good team of professionals as well to help educate you and make the whole transaction as smooth as possible.

1. Find a great mortgage broker, I know a few that come highly recommended but ask around see what names come up and interview a couple see who YOU feel comfortable with, once you get the cold hard facts taking the next steps aren't as scary ,trust me it puts everything into perspective. There are quite a few different mortgage options out there, see what's the right fit for your lifestyle. Get your pre-approval.

2. Find a local agent that knows the area well, has a great network of professionals to work with but most importantly, someone you feel completely comfortable with and fully trust!! This is one of the largest most significant purchases you will make, you want to make it a memorable and enjoyable one!! Dedication and devotion to your needs should be of upmost importance!!

3. A real estate lawyer to guide you through the process to make sure your purchase is a sound and secure one as well as dealing with transferring of funds, again make sure this is someone reputable and you feel comfortable with.

So what if you are thinking I am to young, I still want to travel, I don't want the responsibility?!?! That's were the possibility of being a landlord, renting your property out may be a very lucrative option! Of course there is risk involved but anything in life worth having carries some sort of risk. This will leave you free to explore the other facets of your life while still building equity in your investment and possibly a bit of income as well, how amazing is that!! Like I said earlier I know this dream is very attainable, you can't go wrong with real estate as a long term investment and who doesn't love the feeling of building security for a comfortable financial future for virtually the same financial commitment as renting. If you are on the fence about this big but amazing decision please contact me and I can discuss any questions or concerns you may have!! Have a great day and all the best on your journey ahead!




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Please see below, these are some incentives offered:


But the Ontario government wants people to move here, invest in real estate, and contribute to the economy. To accomplish this, the government has provided many government programs to help first-time home buyers.

These include:

  1. 1. HST New Housing Rebate

The federal government provides an HST rebate of up to 36% to buyers who purchase either a newly built, or greatly renovated, home. The rebate is intended to encourage people to build upon and improve their properties.

The provincial government provides an even more generous rebate, of up to 75% off the provincial part of the HST.

  1. 2. Mortgage Loan Insurance Rebate for Energy-Efficient Homes

To keep demands on the power grid to a minimum, the CMHC provides a rebate of up to 10% of mortgage insurance costs if a home meets certain standards for energy efficiency.

You will need to provide an EnerGuide assessment showing a score of 82 or higher. This tax credit applies to both previously- and newly-built homes.

  1. 3. First-Time Home Buyer’s Credit

This tax credit offsets closing costs. If you are buying your first house, you are eligible for a 15% credit on your closing costs. The maximum amount for the credit is $750.

  1. 4. CMHC 5% Down Payments

The CMHC makes mortgage insurance available to first-time homeowners even if they can only afford a 5% down payment. The property must be owner-occupied and worth less than a million dollars. This insurance is only available for mortgages with amortization periods of 25 years or less.

  1. 5. Land Transfer Tax Rebates

The province, and some municipalities, levy a land transfer tax when you buy a new home.

For first-time homeowners, the province can provide a rebate of up to $2000. This is often enough to completely cancel out the taxes on smaller homes.

  1. 6. Home Buyer’s Plan

The Home Buyer’s Plan lets you “borrow” up to $50,000 from your RRSP to go towards buying a new home. It works by allowing you to withdraw your money without the normal taxes.

However, under the Plan, you have to pay back this money within fifteen years. It is only available if you have not occupied an owned home for at least five years.

If you’re looking to purchase a home for the first time, be sure to explore all your options to see if you can save while you spend.


The joy of letting go!!

 How cleaning your house and surroundings out, can transform your life and create abundance!! I know seems crazy right!?!? It’s the truth and though I always do a spring and fall clean in the last couple months and after reading an amazing book, I have come to a new level of “tidying up”! I have to say it’s been nothing short of magical!! The book is The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing Book by Marie Kondo.

  Most people walk into my home and tell me how tidy and well-kept it looks, this is of course if I know someone is coming over because with 3 children the house rarely seems to be or stay tidy and I am getting better with letting go of the idea and the madness behind trying to keep a neat and tidy home at this time, it’s pointless and can lead you to a nervous breakdown as well as take away from the joys of the moment with you family, let them explore, play with ALL their toys, create and give yourself that space to do those things with them without feeling constricted and anxious about the mess piling up around you.

  The kind of tidying I am speaking of is a sort of tidying from the inside out, I will fully admit that for many years and still to some degree now I would acquire materialistic items to fill some void or to bring me some instant gratification, to feel some rush of newness and revitalization, in all honesty probably 85% of these purchases, holding on to’s and not letting go of’s where unnecessary and came from the wrong space or emotion I was in. I am most definitely not saying that we all don’t enjoy spoiling ourselves and the ones we love time to time but if you are mindful of “why” you are spending, acquiring, holding onto it will probably give you a ton of insight on your deeper inner workings. Now that I have started delving into certain parts of me that I had turned away from before, I want nothing more to let go, let go of all that weighs me down, as I am finding out “holy shit” I have acquired a lot of “shit” and that picture perfect home is stuffed full, hidden in cupboards, drawers, closets, EVERYWHERE it tell you EVERYWHERE!!! It’s heavy and it’s weighing me down on so many levels.

  So whether you are decluttering to sell your home, spring/ fall cleaning, your husbands nagging you, you’re sick of things flying out every time you open a cupboard,   you can’t find your favorite shirt or because on a deeper level you need to release things weighing you down, there is no better time than the present to create that shift. Reading the above mentioned book has indeed helped with my method of clearing out but you have to feel it like a fire inside, the annoyance and clutter needs to outweigh the need for holding on and surrounding yourself with *things*. I started in the kids rooms where I easily got rid of 2 garbage bags full of clothes plus a few big items such as toys and high chair, kids grow fast and in the blink of an eye they have grown out of their clothes, so this haul of things to get rid of was easier to understand. The next room I moved to was the kitchen, I was shocked at what I threw away, absolutely *shocked* it was actually a bit embarrassing 3 garbage bags out of the kitchen!!!! I thought to myself *how in the hell is this even possible?!?!?* let me tell you it felt good, no actually it felt friggin amazing I felt lighter instantly!! So you would think that I would have absolutely nothing left in the kitchen but strangely enough there is everything we need plus probably even more stuff we don’t need but its manageable, it’s easy to keep in check and even the kitchen thanked me after getting rid of all that stuff! I did my clothes yesterday, that was a huge undertaking and as I looked around my room after ripping every article of clothes out of every space and crevasse, I felt like I couldn’t breathe and I thought what in the hell did I just start lol I even took pics, told my brother in law to come bare witness to the extreme excess and undertaking that was about to take place, he couldn’t believe that piled up to my knees or higher spanning 40 sq ft of room were clothes. Now don’t get me wrong usually yearly I purge clothes, lots of clothes but I seem to acquire just as fast but this time my method was different, my frame of mind different and never had I pulled every single article of clothing out, to hold it, get a sense of joy or love or not from the object and make a decision to keep or throw away from that, the simplicity of it in itself was a bit puzzling at first.

  To give a bit of history I am a deeply sentimental person, I hold on to papers, letters, pictures , clothing anything that once meant something I’ve held on to, that’s a lot of stuff, we have countless amazing memories and moments through our lives, with a variety of people in different places, how beautiful! The problem comes in when you hold onto to all the things connected with those things, it paramount’s, it weighs heavy and can literally leave you stuck from moving forward and achieving the best version of you!!  So when I started taking into consideration, this new way of thinking, ** does this item spark joy, do I love it? ** it changes a lot…we think if we discard the item attached to the moment or person we are going to forget the memory or possibly we don’t feel we love or loved them less by getting rid of it. This is the furthest thing from the truth and once we realize no one or no thing can take away those moments or feelings that are rooted deeply in our being, our memories, our feeling, our love and expression then and only then can we truly discard the things weighing us down and on the lighter side of it who the hell needs 10 white tank tops or 50 old birthday cards or 10 boxes of something cause it was on sale no one!!

I am not going to lie and say that this process was easy breezy, it was actually quite the opposite. It was quite emotional, frustrating having to look at, touch, analyze so many items that sparked different emotions that span back decades, it was tough work!! My resolve was tested as my daughter going through the bags I was getting rid of would say “this is Brandy’s (my sister who passed away) dress you can’t get rid of that or this looks so good on you keep it! , that was hard, it struck that feeling of guilt…*GASP* does that mean I love her less or don’t care about her love for the dress?!?!? All those emotions but I was strong, I said “ Shayla please stop, these things need to go, they don’t bring me joy, I don’t love them, they are weighing me down” and in that breath I felt relief and the truth of letting go.

I can also attest to more things opening up for me since doing this, spending money on experiences, adventures, learning and things that truly light me up, not just on things, the power of letting go opens you up to a deeper understanding of you, who you are and where you would like to be. It is one of the most joyful feelings around, simply amazing what a bit of tidying can do for the soul!



Natasha Taylor 

Its a relationship, not just a transaction!!


 I can’t express enough the feeling of being entrusted with one of the most important and profound decisions in someone’s life. The “real estate transaction” carries so many facets of emotion, feeling that emotion to me is a huge part of my business, taking care of that emotion is just as important, if not more important than writing up the paperwork, explaining the fine print and legalities, walking them through the process. The logistics of a real estate transaction and * knowing* your stuff is huge as an agent and every situation can offer new insight and room for growth and is very important but its only part, the real soulful good stuff comes from genuine care and concern for my clients, you urgency is my urgency, your needs and concerns are of upmost importance to me.

 I have to admit that I am quite a private person, when I started blogging publicly a while back it took a lot for me to open up on a public level and share my views, my family life, my opinions for everyone to see and dissect. I realized the importance of this openness and I think a lot of people are craving a more transparent open connection and especially when they in turn are completely opening up to me, seems fair right!? I also realize that there needs to be something that sets me apart from the rest and in that realizing that not everyone is going to care or love what I have to say, that’s where the thick skin needs to come in lol but at the same time my words, my views and the way I genuinely care will resonate with some and a connection will be made. There is so much competition out there and so many agents to pick from and to be totally honest I am not a hard sell competitive person. I do however have the skill set and knowledge to optimally get a transaction done but with care and genuine concern for how you my client is feeling, every step of the way.

 In this market it can be quite an emotional roller coaster. Sellers can be on top of the world because they got over asking on their home and it sold in 3 days but then on the other hand they are stressed the hell out because they have put offers in on 3 houses and it hasn’t worked out or nothing is coming on the market that matches their wants and needs. It’s fast paced and decisions usually need to be made with the snap of a finger. Packing on all of lives other stresses this can be very hard for people to work through and deal with, to me this is where my best self comes in. My availability emotionally, professionally and personally is paramount, my understanding and guidance is brought forward. To me it’s about going back to my first house purchases before I was an agent, how did that feel? Situations I have come across in the 9 years of being an agent, remembering how all of it feels, all of the emotion, the fears, the joy all of the ups and downs.  I want my clients to feel fully comfortable with me on every level (a true relationship not just a transaction). I’d be lying if I said that being an agent isn’t a stressful job at times, sometimes having faith and instilling that faith and calm into my clients is one of my greatest gifts. This means a lot of patience, which I think all of my clients, family and friends can vouch that I do have a vast amount, I understand the process. I am fiercely loyal and wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if I didn’t give my all to my clients. Your urgency is my urgency.

 I will never pretend to have all of the answers and if I am unsure I will find the answers you need, I have an amazing network of professionals that I work with to make every transaction go as smooth as possible and make you my client feel knowledgeable and secure in every decision you make. It’s important to be upfront and sometimes brutally honest, I prefer that any day over telling someone what they want to here to get the listing or a deal, and I of course expect the same from my clients…you have something you need to say to me, I am ready for it! I strive to build relationships that if we happened not to talk for 5 years and we ran into each other I wouldn’t have to question where I stood with you and we could start again right where we left off, my dedication and integrity would never be a question.

  I have met so many people being in this business and have forged lifelong friendships, there is no better feeling for me than having a happy satisfied client that feels comfortable enough to give me a huge hug and cry tears of joy because they got the house of their dreams or because my negotiation and conduct left them feeling at ease and stress free, how amazing is that!!! There is something so profound about being at one with people on such a huge level and realizing how with genuine support and guidance amazing bonds and happy clients are ongoing long after the “transaction” is complete.






Natures Healing

Natures Healing

The sun is shining and the birds are singing. The beautiful smells of spring and earth are in the air, so invigorating and refreshing. There is something so very healing about spring, re-inventing, re-birthing and new beginnings. I know for myself one of the most healing, soothing things for me to do is get my hands dirty in the garden and get my outdoor space warm, inviting and full of life.

Of course everyone has different tastes in outdoor spaces, some have limited space in their yard, and maybe you don’t have a yard at all, only a balcony. With a little imagination and creativity you can conjure up an inviting, calming space.

As far as my outdoor space I like a mix of hardscape and softscape with a mix of natural stone, shrubs, plants and flowers. I have some perennials that come up every spring (hostas, lilies etc) and then I usually add in whatever looks appealing to me for an added pop of color around the end of May or early June. To me gardening and earthing are some of the best natural therapies around. There is something so grounding and magnificent about feeling that cool earth in your hands, cultivating an oasis of living eye catching beauty. Whether you are starting from a blank canvas or adding to a work in progress, you can get a sense of instant gratification adding to your outdoor living space. One day I hope to have my dream garden, with exotic shrubs and trees, waterfalls, ponds filled with fish, bridges and fire pit. All things that will add to a sense of calm, relaxation and wellbeing.

Now if we are working with a smaller space, say in the city where a lot of homes have more hardscape than anything, fence gardens are an amazing idea! For this you can use old skids or build boxes to suit your needs. Building your own terrarium or mini garden in an earthy, natural or funky looking containers are fantastic for adding some fun & zing or calm to your outdoor space. They also have some amazing outdoor fire tables to add to the ambiance, ranging from wood to propane, table top size to a full outdoor fireplace depending on your needs. The possibilities are endless for making your outdoor space one that will be a retreat for everyone who visits (or maybe just yourself lol).

Spring and summer here in Canada is a fleeting love affair, we can make it that much sweeter knowing that the seeds and fruits of our labour and intentions will come to visit year after year. Hope you are having an amazing spring so far and that your summer is filled with love, laughter and memories that last a lifetime.



Spring Market Refresher

Spring Market Refresher

Spring is finally upon us, how wonderful it is!! The promise of longer warmer days, a time of change and new beginnings. Whether you have been contemplating listing your home or just want to revitalize your space to fall in love with it again. Here are a few ideas to maximize the charisma of your space.

Let’s take it outdoors!! Such a fantastic feeling to finally get outside without freezing or feeling like the Michelin man all bundled up. If your front yard and driveway is anything like mine, especially after this winter, it’s covered in salt & sand *and no not the beachy ocean fantastic kind* the kind that weighs down your grass and makes your whole yard look very unappealing. Not to mention the “YUK” that gets tracked through the house you are probably endlessly trying to keep clean. Well there is light at the end of the driveway!!

Curb appeal is *HUGE * when listing your home, and just as important if you are planning on staying put.

First off a shop broom works wonders for getting the big debris off your driveway, followed by a good pressure wash. If you get it done early enough the street sweepers can help with some of the end removal and disposal for you.

For the grass a strong powered leaf blower and rake can fluff that tired grass right back up and show you the promise of greener and sunnier days ahead!

Gardens, this is very important and having early blooming perennials is always a nice touch to have. If you didn’t get around to cleaning out the gardens in the fall, now is the time!! Clean out dead foliage, trim back shrubs and plants and wait for new life to emerge. So exiting!

Don’t forget the windows, I know this is a tedious job but the results are tremendous and very worthwhile.

Moving into the house, don’t worry we won’t spend too long, we have been trapped in there for most of this long cold winter. There is nothing more revitalizing and refreshing then purging that junk in your house/garage. It’s hiding in every crevasse and cupboard, just screaming for a new home or to be retired completely! If you haven’t worn, used, looked at or thought of for more than a year, question if you really need it in your life. Declutter and reclaim your space and peace of mind, this will make you feel like a million bucks, unless of course you’re a pack rat than in that case the very thought of this topic is probably giving you multiple panic attacks.

*Declutter your space- declutter you mind- let go of the attachment*

I hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of this new & wonderful season. I am optimistic that we will feel the heat shortly!! I am sure you are all well aware of the shortage of listings on the market, it is definitely a sellers’ market!! So if you or anyone you know is thinking of selling their home please send them my way, You will be happy you did.



**We Worry Like Tomorrow Is Promised**

We worry like tomorrow is promised!

The past 6 years for me has been pivotal in transforming my life for the better. It has been a beautiful struggle of darkness and light…black clouds and silver linings. We have to look deep inside of ourselves (one of the most feared journeys of all) to really start transforming and coming into our truth. It’s not easy, definitely not all rainbows and butterflies, some of it is downright scary, filled with doubt, demons and fear, but we have the power to shine our light bright enough to overcome and rise above, all it takes is some retraining of our crazy minds!!

  The one main thing that really hits home with me is how we worry like tomorrow is promised. I’ve learned over the past couple decades and more so in the last few years through a lot of loss of loved ones, not being present in the moment, leaked energy on so many fronts. Through all this loss came a lot of guilt and yearning to be able to turn back the hands of time to say words left unspoken, give another hug, take the time and with all this can come a lot of poisoning of the mind and spirit. It’s only recently I realized I am worrying like I can control or make past or future situations any different, all I am doing is taking away today’s peace, taking away that presence with my children my loved ones, my career, and most importantly myself (and that’s okay. You know why, because we are number 1, if we aren’t healthy and strong how can we radiate genuine strength and love onto those we love).

 We can worry about the bills, the mortgage, money, relationships, status, body image, cleaning the house, the list is endless but hey as long as we are putting in our best effort and being positive **that is enough**. It has truly been one of the hardest things to try and tame….the unforgiving depths of the mind running wild with doubts , what if’s, should have’s, could have’s, the why’s, we can drive ourselves absolutely insane with all these energy sucking thoughts. It is so damaging to our hearts our spirit our overall wellbeing and it negatively effects those we love.

  The road to being present has first been doing a daily check of everything I am grateful & thankful for (which I have found out is a ton, I am a very rich womanJ) from the smallest things we take for granted daily like waking up!! Our breath! Our ability to love, food, sunshine, a smile, a conversation, a smell, a memory. Catch those feelings as they come, the ones that light you up. Sometimes we are so focused on the negative, all the amazing things go completely undetected… SO START DETECTING THEM & WRITING THEM DOWN :) this is a profound way of retraining you mind and re aligning your thought process.

  It’s human nature to worry and these thoughts will always pop into our heads, BUT, what you do with them after that is how you take your power back! Stop giving these worries and fears prime real estate in your mind. I would say about 90-95% of what we stress about never manifest or actually takes place and even worse, is looking in the rear view mirror with regret and things that will never ever change, that’s their imprint on the past and it probably ended that way for a you may never know and that’s OKAY!!

 It’s okay to break these thoughts down and categorize them and decipher which thoughts we have any control over, if there is something that can rectify part of this worry or stress, then make steps to rectify it. This is also a very healthy way to gain strength over your mind. If you have NO control over the outcome or how events will unfold..send the thought away and consciously make the decision to not give it the energy it needs to fester in your mind!

  As you practice more, the things you have to be grateful for and all of the good, magically, a lot of worry goes away on its own which is so amazing! The retraining of your mind and energy will come from being present in the moment, take the time to take in your surroundings, nature, people, all the good, and be mindful of your breath, feel it move through you .. Let it calm your mind. It’s like a natural valium so **USE IT & EMBRACE IT**.

  In closing we can try and turn back the hands of time and we don’t know what’s around the corner and that’s okay!! The one thing I do know, is we aren’t promised tomorrow, the only thing we truly own is the present moment and what a gift that is!! So look around, beauty and wonder surround us everywhere, in everything. Take chances, be fearless, love deeply, forgive, and love yourself, flaws and all. As that is what makes us the beautiful, magnificent humans we are.

Be grateful for the small things because they add up to the biggest things, have a mind of composure, strength, and a heart and spirit filled with love, light and peace. Inhale the good and exhale the bad and remember **RULE YOUR MIND OR IT WILL RULE YOU**.