Some of My Services

Here are some of the steps I will take to help you find your dream home:

1. Determine your needs and wants
By determining exactly what you are looking for in a home, we will be able to glide through the home buying process. This will allow us to be more efficient by only searching for properties that fit your criteria.

2. Helping you get pre-qualified financing
This is another crucial step in the home buying process. I will assist you in getting a pre-qualified mortgage. This is important as it shows how much you can afford, and what your estimated monthly payments will be. As well, it shows your seriousness which will give you an edge when making an offer to a seller.

3. Home Shopping
I will use every method and resource available to me to help you find the home of your dreams. Using your specific criteria and parameters, we will be able to narrow down the search and gather other important information that may affect your decision. Once you are ready to move forward, I will help you write an offer to the seller, keeping your best interests in mind.


4. 🗝️  House Blessing & Space Clearing 🗝️

For centuries, house blessing and clearings have been done to cleanse, renew, protect and consecrate a home or business. Just as we are made up of energy so are the spaces we live in and the objects that surround us. 

Here is a list of some reasons a blessing & cleansing may be beneficial:

✨  Moving into a new home
✨  A new work space
✨  Preparing for a new baby
✨  Helping clear home after a period of sadness or negativity
✨  Removing energy after a social gathering
✨  Changing energy after a renovation or major cleaning
✨  Changing of the seasons
✨  Bringing many new items into the home, especially antiques or second-hand items
✨  Experiencing a bad or traumatic event in your home or at work
✨  Looking for an overall lightness, joy and sense of peace in your space getting rid of old stagnant energy 

I use different plant medicine's, essential oils, handcrafted sprays,reiki energy & the purest most positive of intentions. After the ceremony is complete, the energy of the home will carry a sense of balance, peace,happiness, prosperity & protection . 

For more information or if this is something you feel would be beneficial in your life please contact me for pricing & availability . 

**This will be a free service offered to my real estate clients in preparation for listing their home as well as for welcoming them into their new one.